Moncef Slaoui, GlaxoSmithKline

2013 pay package: $8.4 million
2012 pay package: $6.6 million
Change: +27%
2013 compensation: $1.9 million in salary and benefits; $2 million bonus; $4.3 million in long-term incentive stock awards; $266,000 in pension

A roughly 250% increase in long-term incentive stock awards helped GlaxoSmithKline R&D boss Moncef Slaoui jump quite a few spots among his highest-paid peers, and the U.K. drugmaker's ($GSK) big bet on its head scientist comes amid a transformational time for the company's research arm.

GSK turned in something of a mixed bag on the R&D front last year. Thanks to its years-long partnership with Theravance ($THRX), the company scored two major approvals for COPD treatments--including for the likely blockbuster Anoro Ellipta--and, on its own, picked up an FDA nod for the GLP-1 diabetes drug albiglutide, marketed as Tanzeum. But the pharma stalwart endured discouraging late-stage setbacks to darapladib, a once-promising cardio therapy; MAGE-A3, a long-in-development cancer vaccine; and drisapersen, an innovative treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy developed alongside Prosensa ($RNA).

Now, in keeping with the industrywide trend of sticking to what you know, GSK sees better living through simplicity. In April, the drugmaker signed a deal to essentially hand over its oncology division en masse to Novartis ($NVS) for up to $16 billion, getting back the Swiss company's vaccines unit and in the process doubling down on the spaces in which it has found success: respiratory, HIV, vaccines and consumer healthcare.

Once that deal closes, GSK will retain much of its early-phase cancer pipeline, but the company's late-stage fate will largely hinge on whether Slaoui and his team can deliver on next-gen respiratory drugs like mepolizumab and losmapimod; reclamation projects like darapladib's program in diabetic macular edema; and the Johnson & Johnson-partnered arthritis contender sirukumab.

- here's the annual report (PDF)

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Moncef Slaoui, GlaxoSmithKline

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