Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals
Based: Cambridge, MA
Founded: 1997

Why It's Fierce: When Molecular Insights counted up the cash from its third venture round, it was 50% oversubscribed. The $28 million deal positions the biotech to push its lead product, BMIPP, into Phase III. BMIPP is a molecular imaging pharmaceutical that enables the detection of cardiac ischemia based on changes in cardiac cell metabolism. The efficacy of current imaging agents used in acute care settings is restricted to two hours after the chest pains stop. BMIPP promises to open that window to 30 hours, offering a big advance for a quite common medical need. If the biotech can prove the imaging mechanism works as advertised, it will allow for a big improvement in the way in which patients complaining of chest pains can be diagnosed in an acute care facility. And that should help eliminate unnecessary hospitalizations and lower costs -- a key goal in healthcare today.

What to look for: Phase III and pivotal data.

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals

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