Martin Mackay, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

2013 pay package: $6.3 million
2012 pay package: (Joined Alexion in 2013)
Change: N/A
2013 compensation: $397,000 in salary; $450,000 in non-equity incentive plan compensation; $150,000 in bonus; $2.6 million in stock awards; $2.6 million in option awards; $7,212 in other compensation

Upon taking control of AstraZeneca ($AZN) in 2012, CEO Pascal Soriot wasted little time in assembling a panel of execs he believed could help rebuild the struggling drugmaker, a reorganization that put R&D chief Martin Mackay out of a job by January. But by May, Mackay had found a cushy landing spot heading up research for rare disease magnate Alexion ($ALXN), maker of the most expensive drug in the world.

Despite serving only a little more than half the year, Mackay took home a pro-rated bonus well above the target level thanks to what Alexion called his "immediate impact on, and execution of, a widening breadth of product candidates and development programs." Under Mackay's watch, Alexion picked up two FDA breakthrough therapy designations--for the enzyme replacement therapies ALXN1101 and asfotase alfa--and made headway on label-expanding studies for Soliris, the company's nearly $500,000-a-year golden goose.

The change in scenery proved lucrative for Mackay. AstraZeneca never revealed his compensation during his tenure there, but Mackay's 7-month total of $6.3 million easily outstripped his Alexion predecessor, co-founder and current Chief Global Operations Officer Stephen Squinto, who pulled in $4.3 million in the same role in 2012. (AstraZeneca didn't replace Mackay outright, instead splitting the onus of R&D among Mene Pangalos, Bahija Jallal and Briggs Morrison, executive vice presidents whose salaries the company did not disclose.)

Now Alexion is moving forward with what it says is its most robust pipeline in company history, and, beyond its two breakthrough-tagged enzyme treatments, the biotech is working through clinical trials for the anti-inflammatory candidates ALXN1007, ALXN1102 and ALXN1103.

- here's Alexion's proxy statement

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Martin Mackay, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

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