Luann Pendy, Medtronic

Luann Pendy
She oversees the quality of Medtronic's devices as a member of the company's executive management team

Company: Medtronic
Title: Senior Vice President of Global Quality

Luann Pendy is one of only two women on Medtronic's ($MDT) executive management team, making her one of the most powerful women in med tech. She oversees Medtronic's hard-earned reputation for innovative and reliable devices, as evidenced by the so-far-successful development of a leadless pacemaker, which just produced sterling results from its 6-month clinical trial for FDA approval, surpassing those from an investigational St. Jude ($STJ) competitor.

Pendy is no stranger to med tech, having served as a manager at Abbott ($ABT) for 17 years beginning in 1987. She was a vice president at infusion pump maker Hospira--now part of Pfizer ($PFE)--from 2004 to 2008, before landing in her current role at the industry's largest company.

In addition to serving on the executive board, Pendy advocates for women as the executive sponsor for the Medtronic Women's Network in Minnesota.

Pendy emphasizes the importance of performing well at meetings in order to advance toward your career goals. "Meetings are your greatest opportunity to be visible and show your organization what you bring to the table," she said in piece in Fortune.

Pendy stresses the importance of being prepared and listening to others at meetings, but not too much. The woman in med tech recounted how she began receiving positive feedback after she started talking more in meetings after realizing that listening without speaking gave others the impression that she was not engaged.

She advised others to speak early in the meeting to establish your presence, brainstorm talking points in advance and give specific facts rather than saying "Things are going well."

Finally, be sure to sit in the front: "Oftentimes, I see junior employees come into a room where there's a big, long conference table and try to find the chair in the corner away from the table," Pendy told Fortune. "That doesn't come across as being positive, confident, engaged, and enthused. The way to get a seat at the table is to show up on time or early so there's an open seat."

-- Varun Saxena (email | Twitter)

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Luann Pendy, Medtronic