LCZ696, Novartis

Drug: LCZ696
Company: Novartis
Phase: Phase III
Class: AT1 receptor-neprilysin (ARNI) inhibitor
2020 sales: $1.3 billion
Net present value: $3.0 billion

Novartis' ($NVS) cardio group was on the ropes, taking a beating for the serelaxin failure when LCZ696 came along to save the day. Seemingly out of nowhere, this drug emerged as a top contender among late-stage heart drugs, potentially worth billions in added sales. EvaluatePharma's estimate qualifies as a conservative forecast, if all goes according to plan. The pharma giant captured the cardiology world's attention when it announced that a pivotal study for the drug had been halted early on based on its success regarding mortality and hospitalizations when compared to the generic Vasotec. With the Diovan franchise about to be chopped up, a win here is needed badly. But heart drugs aren't easily approved, and the pharma giant faces a big challenge in getting this drug through regulators and onto the market.

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LCZ696, Novartis

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