Kim Popovits, Genomic Health

Incorporating molecular diagnostics--one of the first to make the case

Affiliation: Genomic Health
Title: Chairman, President and CEO

Kim Popovits has been at the helm of molecular diagnostics pioneer Genomic Health for almost 6 years, during which time she's grown the company's revenues from $110 million in 2008 to $138 million in the first half of 2014.

Genomic Health's products include the Oncotype Dx breast, colon and prostate cancer tests. The breast and colon tests assess risk of recurrence for particular types of disease, while the prostate cancer test predicts the aggressiveness of the disease in men with a low risk. The company is developing further tests in these indications, as well as in renal cancer.

"As we gain greater understanding of the biology of cancer, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to develop tools that arm both physicians and patients with personalized genomic information to individualize the treatment of a patient's disease," Popovits said in a statement on the company's website.

"With the advent of biologics and new targeted therapeutics, the menu of treatment options for patients with cancer is growing. It is our mission to develop tests that employ the biology of an individual's specific tumor to help physicians select appropriate treatments from this expanding menu."

Popovits came to Genomic Health from Genentech, where she led the commercialization of 14 new therapies including Herceptin--famously one of the first genetically targeted drugs--as the SVP of marketing and sales for 15 years. She was the president and COO of Genomic Health for 7 years before assuming the top spot.

She is a central figure in the industry, on the board of life science industry association BayBio and president of another industry group, The Coalition for 21st Century Medicine.

Genomic Health is now pushing into international markets. Popovits expects continued growth in U.S. breast cancer tests, prostate tests and international revenue to be the primary drivers of the company in the coming years.

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Kim Popovits, Genomic Health