Based: San Diego
Founded: 2001

Why It's Fierce: Kalypsys doesn't just use its cutting edge informatics to advance other biotech companies' drug candidates; it has a number of pre-clinical small molecules of its own in the pipeline. In a deal valued at up to $30 million, Kalypsys recently signed on one of the most prestigious clients in the country, putting its ultra high-throughput technology to work for the National Institutes of Health's Chemical Genomics Center. NIH is out to complete the functional mapping of the human genome, and Kalypsys is playing a key role. Last November the company struck a deal to collaborate with CV Therapeutics to assess cardiovascular drug candidates. An earlier deal put them in partnership with Merck. Spun out of the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, this company has gathered a critical mass of brain power. Its first round in 2002 drew in $43 million.

What to look for: A move to human trials, new collaborations, and maybe a licensing deal or two.


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