Jeffrey Immelt - General Electric (GE)

  Jeffrey Immelt

2012 pay: $25.8 million
2011 pay: $21.5 million

Considering that General Electric makes everything from light bulbs to turbines and refrigerators, Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt could be forgiven for not devoting enormous attention to GE Healthcare, the company's division that makes MRI, PET and CT diagnostic imaging equipment, among other med tech products. But it's very much on Immelt's radar screen. That was most recently evident in February, with news that General Electric ($GE) and the NFL would jointly invest at least $50 million in a new effort to develop concussion-detecting imaging technology. The New York Times reported that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pitched the idea directly last fall to Immelt (who was once an offensive tackle at Dartmouth).

And while GE Healthcare has seen cutbacks in 2012, such as a 10% workforce reduction in Vermont announced last November, the division opened an $80 million medical device research center in China, for example, and launched an "open" initiative to spur new ideas inside and outside the company about ultrasound research and development. Another highlight: GE ended 2012 having made a big advance in a Phase III study for flutemetamol, its imaging agent designed to detect beta amyloid deposits in the brain. And the company licensed flutemetamol to Merck ($MRK) for use with select patients testing MK-8931, Merck's potential Alzheimer's drug blockbuster. 

For 2012, Immelt's base salary for 2012 hit $3.3 million, and he earned a $4.5 million bonus. Additional compensation included more than $12 million in nonequity incentive plan compensation.

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Jeffrey Immelt - General Electric (GE)