Incline Therapeutics - Top 15 Biotech VC Deals of 2010

Company: Incline Therapeutics
Based: Redwood City, CA
Amount: $43M

Investors: Frazier Healthcare Ventures, 5AM Ventures, Technology Partners, Adams Street Partners, Saints Capital and Emergent Medical Partners

Scoop: In June, Incline closed a $43 million Series A funding round, as well as $3.5 million upfront for a potential buyout from Cadence Pharmaceuticals. The company, which is focusing on its needle-free pain med delivery device Ionsys, could be worth up to $228 million to Cadence--depending on when the deal goes through--plus another $57 million if Ionsys receives FDA approval.

Incline Therapeutics - Top 15 Biotech VC Deals of 2010

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