Halle Tecco, Rock Health

Tecco stands out due to her success--and fierce advocacy of other women in med tech

Affiliation: Rock Health
Title: Founder and Managing Director

"In healthcare in the VC world, certainly it's this old boys' club. And so even if you're able to break in and make friends and feel like your colleagues and your potential funders are on your level, it still is very much an old boys' club and very hard to break into," said this woman in med tech.

Halle Tecco is the founder of San Francisco med tech incubator Rock Health, which she described as "a summer camp for entrepreneurs that want to change healthcare" in a video presentation.

Rock Health provides its member companies $100,000 in seed funding and access to its network of in-house and external partners. Partners include GE Healthcare ($GE), Boehringer Ingelheim, Harvard Medical School and venture capital firm Montreux Equity Partners.

One of Rock Health's successful exits was Lift Labs. Acquirer Google X wrote that their tremor-canceling spoon "could improve quality of life for millions of people. We're also going to explore how their technology could be used in other ways to improve the understanding and management of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease and essential tremor."

Abbott ($ABT) became a new partner in August, when Rock Health added 8 companies to its portfolio. New addition Acumen already has the backing of VCs Versant Ventures and TPG Biotech. The company invites parents to take guided videos of their child playing and complete a survey of his or her behavior; it is conducting a study to verify the accuracy of its video-based approach in evaluating patients with neurological disorders.

Rock Health sponsors an annual women-only retreat to help the invited professionals network and learn from each other. This year 130 women attended.

Indeed, Tecco is an aggressive advocate for women in med tech. In 2010, as a student at Harvard Business School, she wrote an editorial in Forbes about the challenges facing women in the workplace. In addition, Tecco recently tweeted about the lack of female speakers at healthcare conferences and is the co-author of a report about the state of women in healthcare.

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-- Varun Saxena (email | Twitter)

Halle Tecco, Rock Health