Google App Engine uses the search giant's vast infrastructure. App Engine applications are scalable, in terms of both processing and storage 

Users can serve application from their own domain name or a name from the domain. You can share or limit access to your organization. 

App Engine supports Java and languages using a JVM-based interpreter or compiler, including JavaScript or Ruby. The runtime environment is Python, which includes a fast Python interpreter and the Python standard library. 

  • Security: Applications run in a secure environment that provides limited access to the underlying operating system. Applications are isolated from  hardware, operating system and physical location of the web server.

  • Agility: On-demand massive scaling; supports several programming languages.

  • Cost elements
    • $0.10 per CPU core hour.
    • $0.10 per GB bandwidth incoming, $0.12 per GB bandwidth outgoing. $0.15 per GB of data stored by the application per month.
    • $0.0001 per email recipient for emails sent by the application.

  • Biopharma suitability: Automatic scaling and load balancing; massive scaling.

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