Glen de Vries - Fierce's Top 10 Biotech Techies

Builder of clinical trial cloud

Name: Glen de Vries
Title: Co-founder and president
Company: Medidata Solutions

Glen de Vries has been one of the pioneers in pushing clinical trial data into web-based systems, where parties around the world can access and manage the information efficiently without relying on mail carriers. And his vision for cloud-based software for clinical trials has helped build Medidata Solutions ($MDSO) into one of the top players in the eClinical arena.

With de Vries serving as a key instigator, biopharma companies have largely abandoned paper-based systems for keeping records of clinical trial data. Medidata is among software providers that have allowed trial data to be kept in an electronic format, reducing the time required to transfer the information and eliminating inefficiencies along the way.

De Vries, who has training in molecular biology and informatics, was one of the initial builders of the company's main software product, called Medidata Rave, which drug and device developers use to collect data generated during clinical trials and manage data related to the operations of trials. He suspected back in the 1990s that drug developers would want to carry out their work online, and he was right. Now Medidata rivals tech giant Oracle ($ORCL) for business from the largest biopharma groups and CROs in the world.

Medidata isn't about to lose its edge. De Vries has been a strong supporter of advancing the company's position in the industry through substantial investments in research and development, which are set to be about 15% of revenue this year.

"We don't see any finish line where we'll be done with our platform," de Vries told Bio-IT World for the January 2012 issue. "The idea is to always think of what people will need in the future and to invest in things that will be useful for those clinical trial processes."

Glen de Vries - Fierce's Top 10 Biotech Techies

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