Genzyme - Big Biotech's Stock Report

Company: Genzyme
Starting stock price: $65.73
Ending stock price: $74.97
Percent Change: 12.97%

Scoop: When Biogen Idec put itself up for sale, many wondered whether Genzyme would do the same, considering that investor Carl Icahn (photo) bought a stake the company. But Genxyme’s CEO Henri Termeer (photo) quashed rumors of a possible deal, saying that Big Pharma companies wouldn’t want to shell out billions for a company that specializes in treatments for rare diseases. So far, he’s right.

In 2007 Genzyme saw positive data from a Phase III Mozobil trial for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The stem cell drug spurs the release of bone marrow stem cells into the blood so that they can be collected and used in a transplant. The company also reported positive results from a Phase II trial of alemtuzumab, a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Current stock price (3/25): $73.38

Genzyme - Big Biotech's Stock Report

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