Five Prostate Cancer Diagnostics to Watch

If you've been following science news in recent years, or even months, you know there have been a bunch of new discoveries about the biological drivers of prostate cancer. And diagnostics companies have been jockeying to address the huge market that awaits them with tests that they hope provide valuable information to guide the treatment of men with the disease.

There's a great need for better prostate cancer diagnostics. In the U.S. alone, there were an estimated 217,730 new cases of prostate cancer last year, making it the most common form of cancer among men in the country. Yet the research continues to make it clear that a one-size-fits all approach to treating prostate cancer is ludicrous, as many men have slow-growing tumors and don't require the same level of response as those with aggressive cancer. So it's no surprise to see companies in our report focusing on the question of how aggressive is a man's prostate cancer at an early stage.

It can be a tricky to keep up with all these firms that are in pursuit of new prostate cancer tests--including Genomic Health, Myriad Genetics, and several smaller firms--so we've compiled a roundup of five of them to keep on your radar. These companies are not meant to be the top five in the field, but they are certainly meant to be representative of the new prostate cancer diagnostics under development to address a range of questions about how to best treat the disease.

1. Genomic Health
2. Oxford Gene Technology
3. Quanterix
4. Metamark Genetics
5. Myriad Genetics

Five Prostate Cancer Diagnostics to Watch