FierceBiotech's Top 10 Articles of 2007

Every year FierceBiotech publishes hundreds of articles, but there are some that you, the readers, just can’t get enough of (Pfizer and Amgen stories seem to be a favorite). Check out this list of our most-read articles in 2007 to find out which reports FierceBiotech readers found most interesting.

1. Pfizer’s future rests with biotech. Report

2. Pfizer to invest $50M in biotech start-ups. Report

3. Amgen layoffs: Good news for Ventura County? Report

4. Amgen looks at layoffs in restructuring. Report

5. Pfizer hires new R&D chief, launches biotech center. Report

6. What's Warren Buffett buying now? Report

7. A look inside Pfizer's biotech center. Report

8. J&J restructures pharma unit, laying off workers. Report

9. Major challenges loom for Amgen. Report

10. Patent cliff looms for big pharma. Report

FierceBiotech's Top 10 Articles of 2007