Based: Berwyn, PA
Founded: 1998

Why It's Fierce: Eximias CEO Elizabeth Corsi is betting big on Thymitaq (nolatrexed dihydrochloride) as her ticket to the good life. Abandoned by Agouron years ago, Eximias bought the rights to Thymitaq, developed it, and is now enrolling patients for a Phase III trial. The company has two top-flight researchers heading the trials. And there's no doubt that if this experimental treatment for liver cancer demonstrates significant results, a big market lies ahead. Orataq and Macrotac for oncology and infectious diseases are also well down the pipeline. Venture capitalists love Corsi's approach and hope to share in the payoff when, and if, their flagship drug comes in.

What to look for: Phase III enrollment should be wrapped by the end of this year.


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