Everist Genomics - 5 Innovative Michigan companies

Company: Everist Genomics
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Website: http://www.everistgenomics.com/index.htm

Scoop: Everist Genomics is developing diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutic selection technologies to help doctors make medically optimal and cost-effective treatment decisions in such areas as cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases like diabetes. 

The young company has been very busy this year. In November, Everist announced commercialization plans for its CardioDefender diagnostic system. CardioDefender is a smartphone-enabled system that provides doctors continuous heart rhythm monitoring for patients, so it can detect heart arrhythmias.

Arrhythmias are often harmless, but some can be life-threatening. One type of arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation, accounts for 75% to 80% of all sudden cardiac deaths in the U.S. Everist's system provides a large benefit for patients, as Alex Charlton, the company's executive vice chairman, told FierceMedicalDevices. The gold standard for detecting arrhythmias is a hospital-based ECG, but these are often large systems with patients attached by leads. Furthermore, they're expensive, and patients can be discharged with no arrhythmia being detected.

Even currently available mobile systems have their limitations, Charlton continued. They don't offer real time data and record only up to four hours of heart rhythm information. CardioDefender, however, can deliver up to three months of continuous, real-time, beat-by-beat quantitative patient monitoring and analysis. Doctors have access to patient data from before and after the arrhythmia occured.

The CardioDefender includes smartphone software, a Bluetooth device and electrodes attached to the patient's skin. The electrodes transmit heart rhythm data to the Bluetooth device, which then transmits the information to the smartphone. The smartphone software analyzes the data that are then sent to a cardiac monitoring center, which keeps an encrypted record of the data that can be reviewed by physicians.

Just this week, the company announced it had identified the genes responsible for the recurrence of colorectal cancer. The culprits turned out to be a combination of 5 specific genes and gene expression levels. Everist says it has created the world's only molecular diagnostic test, OncoDefender-CRC, that can accurately identifying tumors at high risk for recurrence amongst all early-stage colon and rectal cancers, according to a company release.

Everist Genomics - 5 Innovative Michigan companies