Endeavor/Resolute - The top drug-eluting stents

Stent: Endeavor/Resolute
2011 sales: $823 million (estimated)
Maker: Medtronic ($MDT)

Back story: The Minnesota device giant has produced many iterations of its Endeavor/Resolute drug-eluting stents (the names have even overlapped in the past). In doing so, it grabbed market share in a highly competitive sector whose total size is in decline, hitting the No. 2 selling spot. Endeavor/Resolute sales had declined from $762 million in estimated sales in 2009 to $725 million in 2010, so the jump to $823 million last year is especially worth noting. Today, the company is banking on its Resolute Integrity stent, its latest-generation version that stands out because it is made from a single strand of wire, making it easier to deliver and function. Medtronic is also boosting sales by pursuing as many approved uses as possible for the stent; it is the only one of its kind FDA-approved for diabetic patients, for example. Earlier this year, it also gained a CE mark in Europe for 7 new indications, plus approval in Japan. A note: Medtronic doesn't provide sales for its drug-eluting stents, so EvaluateMedTech collected the sales figures from analyst reports, which count Endeavor and Resolute together at the segmental sales level rather than the product sales level.

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Endeavor/Resolute - The top drug-eluting stents