Eli Lilly and Covance - Top 10 deals of 2008

FierceBiotech's top 10 deals of 2008 report featuring Eli Lilly's $1.6 billion contract with CRO Covance.Who: Eli Lilly
With: Covance
What: $1.6B contract

Summary: August's agreement between Eli Lilly and Covance feature the only deal with a CRO to make it onto our list. Covance signed a ten-year, $1.6 billion contract to provide Lilly drug development services. Covance took over responsibility for Lilly's non-GLP toxicology, in vivo pharmacology, quality control laboratory and imaging services. The deal also includes a committed level of clinical pharmacology, central laboratory, GLP toxicology studies and clinical Phase II-IV services. As part of the deal, Covance also bought Lilly's Greenfield, Indiana campus. Lilly said the deal would help it accelerate its drug development and focus on other programs.

Eli Lilly and Covance - Top 10 deals of 2008

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