Dotmatics - 5 emerging biotech IT firms to watch

Founded: 2005
CEO: Stephen Gallagher
Headquarters: Bishop's Stortford, U.K.

Are your lab's informatics tools "chemically aware"? One of the things that Dotmatics CEO Stephen Gallagher says sets his informatics firm's software apart from other groups' products is its ability to query and visualize complex scientific data. The company's credibility among R&D groups in Europe and the U.S. has made it a provider of software to half of the world's 20 largest drugmakers and made it profitable every year since its founding 6 years ago.

Dotmatics hit profitability early because the company left the gate with software licensed from Merck, where the original scientific data capture, sharing and querying technology was developed. Gallagher along with Dotmatics Chief Technology Officer Alastair Hill were both employees of Merck prior to forming their software firm. Its first big customer came aboard within the first 6 months in business, Gallagher says. And the privately-held company has grown about 60% annually and done so profitably without ever taking in venture money.

Still, a major concern for the scientific software market has been the general unrest among Big Pharma R&D groups, many of which are beginning to focus more on biotech drugs that are more difficult to copy and sell as generic products than small-molecule drugs. Dotmatics has found ways to cater to the biotech set. For instance, it's providing customers with cloud-based informatics tools that reduce firms' IT staffing and hardware expenses. Additionally, Gallagher says that his firm has worked with companies to customize products for their specific research needs.

Dotmatics - 5 emerging biotech IT firms to watch

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