Based: Madison, WI
Founded: 2000

Why It's Fierce: Few biotech companies are built almost entirely on the reputation of just one man. Deltanoid is the exception. Famed University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher Henry DeLuca believes he may have found a way to rebuild bones, a potentially landmark achievement in the war against osteoporosis. Deltanoid recently completed a Phase I human trial of 2MD, which may prove a blockbuster. The company has signed a collaboration deal with Pfizer that provides up to $42.5 million in upfront and milestone payments, helping Deltanoid fund the next stage of development without more venture capital or a chancy throw of the IPO dice. And Deltanoid and Abbott Laboratories just signed a 20-year deal to develop vitamin D-based drugs for kidney disease. DeLuca's company is still years away from an FDA decision on 2MD, but it promises to develop several noteworthy new drugs.

What to look for: Clinical data supporting the revolutionary goal of rebuilding bones.


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