Delphinus Medical Technologies - 5 Innovative Michigan companies

Company: Delphinus Medical Technologies
Location: Plymouth, MI

Delphinus Medical Technologies is a spin-off of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. It built a 3D ultrasound imaging device--known as SoftVue--that differentiates benign from malignant masses in patients with breast cancer.

With SoftVue, the breast is submerged in warm water and an ultrasound ring surrounds it, capturing detailed, 3D-images through the use of sound waves.

As the company notes on its website, the SoftVue exam is quick--taking roughly one minute--and does not involve radiation or compression used in mammography. Furthermore, it can be performed at the fraction of the cost of a breast MRI.

As Crain's Detroit Business notes, the company received more than $19 million in R&D grant funding over the course of a decade. Back in May 2010, the company received $8 million in venture capital to start the commercialization process of SoftVue. Ann Arbor's Arboretum Ventures led the round with Beringea, LLC; they were joined by North Coast Technology Investors.

Delphinus Medical Technologies - 5 Innovative Michigan companies