Biogen Idec - Big Biotech's Stock Report

Company: Biogen Idec
Starting stock price: $49.75
Ending stock price: $57.48
Percent Change: 16.26%

Scoop: Biogen Idec had quite the year. Let's look at the clinical side of things first. A Phase II trial for the humanized monoclonal antibody daclizumab hit its primary endpoint for multiple sclerosis. And after being pulled from the market, Tysabri returned, sales recovered and the drug even scored an additional indication for Crohn's disease. In addition, there are signs that Biogen's blockbuster monoclonal antibody Rituxan may offer a breakthrough for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Finally, Biogen began a late-stage trial for galiximab, an investigational anti-CD80 monoclonal antibody for lymphoma.

Now on to the real drama of the year: Biogen caused an uproar in October when it brought in some of Wall Streets top deal-makers to explore a possible sale of the company, which could have fetched well over $20 billion. But just two months later the company canceled plans to sell, causing its stock to plummet more than 27 percent.

Current stock price (3/25): $61.19

Biogen Idec - Big Biotech's Stock Report

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