Baxter International - Top 10 Medical Device R&D Budgets

Company: Baxter International
Headquarters: Deerfield, IL
R&D spending fiscal 2011: $946 million
Priorities and Projects: For Baxter ($BAX), a company in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, R&D is all about product development in-house, but also boosting its R&D efforts through acquisitions. The goal: to enhance its focus in areas including kidney disease, hemophilia immune disorders and trauma. Baxter focused in 2011, for example, on targeted areas including gaining an expanded indication for its ARTISS fibrin sealant to include adhering tissue flaps during a facelift. The company is also developing a new home hemodialysis system to treat patients with end-stage kidney disease. The company notes in its 2011 10K regulatory filing, for example, that it established Baxter Ventures earlier in the year to invest up to $200 million in early-stage companies developing products that relate to the company's strategic focus. One big purchase happened toward the end of 2011, when the company grabbed Synovis Life Technologies for $325 million, snatching up that company's biological and mechanical products used in obesity and vascular surgeries, hernia repair, cardiac defects and for patching the lining of the brain, among other indications.

Baxter International - Top 10 Medical Device R&D Budgets