Arterain Medical - 5 interesting medtech logos

Company: Arterain Medical
Location: Atlanta, GA

Scoop: Founded in 2008, Arterain Medical is developing a novel catheter-based system to treat large vessel acute ischemic strokes--a condition for which there are few effective treatments.

According to a presentation made a couple of years ago by CEO Ken Holloway, the company's technology has several unique features. It maintains wire position which permits faster, safer treatment. It also has variable stiffness microtubes that allow treatment for a range of occlusions.

And the company boasts a lot of talent on its board, including Jay Yadav, co-founder and chairman of Arterain. Yadav helped found and is CEO of CardioMEMS. He was also a founder and chairman of AngioGuard, which developed the first filter for emboli prevention during the interventional and surgical procedures. AngioGuard eventually was acquired by Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ).

Arterain Medical - 5 interesting medtech logos