Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer - CEO pay report

Kevin Sharer - Amgen

Kevin Sharer, Amgen CEOTotal Compensation: $14.5M

Details: In March 2008, Amgen's compensation committee recommended that the executive board receive no increase in base salaries, in light of the company's financial struggles with Aranesp and Epogen in 2009. This resulted in no base salary increase for Sharer, or the rest of the executive team. Therefore, his base salary remained at $1.55M. Stock and options, which made up most of the CEO salary, fell 16 percent to $7.8 million in 2008, while his performance-based bonus rose to almost $3.8 million. He also earned $181,275 for personal use of company aircraft;  $285,000 in retirement compensation; $26,422 for car and driver; and $15,000 for personal financial planning.

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Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer - CEO pay report

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