6. AlloVir


6. AlloVir
Deal size: $276 million
Valuation: $1.1 billion
Share price: $17.00
Shares sold: 16,250,000

AlloVir nabbed an upsized IPO worth $276 million in the summer to fund development of allogeneic T-cell treatments for viral diseases. The money will equip AlloVir to embark on a broad clinical development program for a phase 3-ready cell therapy that targets five viruses.

Massachusetts-based AlloVir generates off-the-shelf virus-specific T cells in donors before stimulating their peripheral blood mononuclear cells to selectively activate and expand the therapeutic cells.

AlloVir plans to spend $98 million to take Viralym-M through phase 3 trials in immunocompromised patients post-allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) who have complications linked to hemorrhagic cystitis, cytomegalovirus or adenovirus.


AlloVir, Baylor ally to develop COVID-19 T-cell therapy

The bigger size of the IPO means AlloVir also has enough money to pursue other opportunities. In addition to the three phase 3 trials, AlloVir plans to start three phase 2 trials to test Viralym-M in the prevention of multi-virus infections in HSCT patients, and the treatment of BK and cytomegalovirus in kidney and solid organ transplant recipients, respectively.

It's also working on a COVID drug,  ALVR109, which is made of CD4+ and CD8+ virus-specific T cells generated from healthy donors. The therapy was hit with a hold last year, but the FDA cleared an IND for it in September.

6. AlloVir