Advanced Cooling Therapy - 5 device/diagnostic companies to watch

Company: Advanced Cooling Therapy
Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Advanced Cooling Therapy is developing improved methods to help control patient temperature in order to induce mild therapeutic hypothermia, maintain operative normothermia and treat fever. Unlike other temperature controlling technologies that go either on the surface or through the vein, ACT's system goes through the esophagus.

Patient temperature control has garnered a lot of attention in the recent years. During surgery, for example, a patient needs active warming, or his temperature will drop. This can lead to an increase in infection and blood loss. Also, as Kevin McLeod of the Michigan Medical Device Accelerator told FierceMedicalDevices, cooling is necessary for patients following cardiac arrest. Because the device goes through the esophagus, it creates an area of coolness near the heart, he explained.

ACT's approach is safe, effective and easy to use, dou­bling patient sur­vival at less than half the cost of competitors, according to the company. Surface temperature controllers can be bulky and ineffective, while those inserted into the vein can increase the risk of infection.

The U.S. mar­ket for tem­per­a­ture man­age­ment includes 1 mil­lion car­diac arrest patients, 3 mil­lion ICU patients, and 10 mil­lion surgery patients each year, sup­port­ing over a $1 bil­lion-plus annual mar­ket.  

Advanced Cooling Therapy - 5 device/diagnostic companies to watch