5. Sunosi

Man with insomnia in bed
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Active ingredient: solriamfetol
Disease: sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea
Peak sales estimate: $500 million
Approved: March 21, 2019
Company: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

The scoop: Jazz is preparing for its narcolepsy moneymaker Xyrem to lose exclusivity in 2023, and part of that effort includes the ramp-up of new sleepiness drug Sunosi, which scored FDA approval in March. Sunosi is approved to treat sleepiness from obstructive sleep apnea, which CEO Bruce Cozadd said isn’t as well understood as narcolepsy but affects “all spheres” of a patient’s life. Ahead of the rollout, Jazz said it was hiring dozens of sales reps and started a disease awareness campaign. The company launched the drug in July after DEA scheduling. Before the nod, the FDA delayed its decision on the drug by three months after Jazz modified its application. That move triggered some concern about Sunosi's fate, but the company eventually crossed the finish line with the drug. — Eric Sagonowsky

5. Sunosi

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