2. Siemens

FY 2013 med tech R&D budget: $1.67 billion
Change from FY 2012 budget ($1.79 billion): -6.7%
Percent of segment revenue ($18.5 billion): 9.0%

Of all the various information technology and infrastructure fields covered by this German giant, healthcare is expected to provide it with some of the best returns. Siemens estimates that image-guided therapy, molecular diagnostics and other next-generation healthcare technology will offer the company an 8% to 10% compound annual growth rate for 2013 through 2020, according to the company's FY 2013 annual report. Imaging and diagnostics are at the heart of the Siemen's healthcare business. Its laboratory tests or medical devices are used on more than 203,000 patients every hour. The major trends driving Siemens' R&D in this field are value-based reimbursement and the convergence of diagnosis and therapy. It sees big data analytics, knowledge-based healthcare and molecular diagnostics as the potentially disruptive technologies in the coming decades. A growing, aging population as well as increasing demand from emerging countries also fits into Siemens' R&D calculus. Specifically, Siemens points to R&D projects like the Acuson Freestyle, which it said is the world's first wireless ultrasound device, and the SOMATOM Perspective 128, a computed tomography scanner for smaller hospitals that reduces patient radiation doses by up to 60% with improved image quality. -- Stacy Lawrence (email | Twitter)

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2. Siemens