2. Cablivi


Active ingredient: caplacizumab-yhdp
Disease: acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
Peak sales estimate: $500 million
Approved: Feb. 6, 2019
Company: Sanofi

The scoop: Under competitive pressure in core business areas, Sanofi last year inked a $4.8 billion buyout of nanobody biotech Ablynx. Early this year, the deal gave Sanofi its first commercial prospect from Ablynx in Cablivi, a nanobody drug to treat a rare blood-clotting disorder. The drug scored an FDA nod in February in combination with plasma exchange and immunosuppression for the treatment of acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, or aTTP. Cablivi costs $270,000 to treat a typical episode of aTTP, and analysts have projected $500 million in peak sales. Cablivi was Sanofi’s first approval for a nanobody, which are “small fragments of antibodies” that researchers found in the Camelidae family of animals that includes llamas and camels, a Sanofi executive told FiercePharma. They’re "ideal building blocks" for biologic drugs against a variety of diseases, he added. — Eric Sagonowsky

2. Cablivi

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