11. Eli Lilly - Top 15 R&D Budgets

Who: Eli Lilly

Based: United States

2006 Pipeline Budget: $3.47 billion (€2.37B)

2007 Pipeline News: Lilly's biggest hope right now is prasrugel, an anti-clotting drug designed to take on the blockbuster Plavix. In a recent trial prasugrel outperformed Plavix when it came to reducing the number of heart attacks and other significant events. However, prasrugel demonstrated an increased number of bleeding incidents, leading analysts to question whether the FDA will approve the drug. Other than prasrugel, analysts recently noted that there are no other potential blockbusters in Lilly's pipeline. This is extremely bad news for Lilly: A series of upcoming patent expirations could potentially trim up to 60 percent of its revenue.

Pending approval:

Prasugrel - Acute coronary syndrome

Phase III:

Enzastaurin - Non-hodgkin's lymphoma
Arzoxifene - Osteoporosis & prevention of breast cancer
Inhaled insulin

Company Pipeline Site: Link

11. Eli Lilly - Top 15 R&D Budgets