1. Pfizer - Top 15 R&D Budgets

Who: Pfizer

Based: United States

2006 Pipeline Budget: $8.34 billion (€5.76B)

2007 Pipeline News: Pfizer started out 2007 on a rough note, having lost torcetrapib in late 2006 and subsequently laying off 10,000 workers. The company spent much of this year trying to convince investors that its pipeline is still strong. Pfizer hired a new R&D chief to head its worldwide operations and has also made a major move to invest heavily in biotech drugs, which are less susceptible to the generic competition that is now threatening to eat into the company’s profits. During a recent pipeline update, the company announced that it has 47 Phase II drugs, 11 Phase III drugs and 14 biologics in its pipeline. Thirteen projects were abandoned this year.

Drugs Pending Approval:

> Lasofoxifene - Osteoporosis
> Maraviroc - HIV in Treatment Experienced Patients
> Dalbavancin - Skin and Skin Structure Infections

Phase III:

> CP-945598 - Obesity
> Apixaban - Venous Thromboembolism prevention, Atrial Fibrillation
> Zithromax/Chloroquine - Malaria
> CP-675206 - Melanoma
> Axitinib - Thyroid Cancer
> Axitinib - Pancreatic Cancer
> Sutent - Breast Cancer
> Sutent - Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer
> Maraviroc - HIV in Treatment Naïve Patients
> Lyrica - Epilepsy Monotherapy, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (U.S.)
> Geodon - Bipolar Relapse Prevention

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1. Pfizer - Top 15 R&D Budgets