Yale offers a new database on brain genetics; New insights on ovarian cancer; Vatican spotlights adult stem cell tech;

Stem Cell Research

A "mini" stem cell transplant developed for blood cancer patients by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is gentle enough to be given to all patients, regardless of their age. All age groups involved in a new study demonstrated similar outcomes. Article

The Vatican is working with NeoStem to promote education and discussion about the potential of adult stem cell therapies. The church has been a vocal opponent of research involving embryonic stem cells. Story


A team of investigators at Yale has created an online database covering what we know about the complex genetics of the brain. Report

A collaborative project funded by Cancer Research UK and the Wellcome Trust has expanded our understanding of the genetics involved in colorectal cancer. Release

A new study has pinpointed a genetic variation linked to a higher risk of autism in boys. More

Cancer research

A collaborative team of researchers from Notre Dame and the University of Indiana has unveiled what they believe is a key element behind the development of ovarian cancer. News