Team touts lower cost stem cell tech; Investigators study new breast cancer therapy;

Stem Cells

Scientists at the University of Buffalo say they have developed adult stem cells that don't age. And because they can grow continuously in the lab, the new technology has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of any stem cell therapies. Story

Stem cell researchers gathering in New Orleans this week are being warned to remain vigilant against all the forces at work aimed at scuttling work on embryonic stem cells. Report

Will Shinya Yamanaka win a Nobel this year for his breakthrough work on adult stem cells? Report

Cancer Research

Investigators at the University of Michigan have launched clinical trials of a new breast cancer therapy that targets the stem cells that fuel metastasis. "We rarely use the 'C word'--cure--but the intent of research today is not to study (cancer) but to treat and ultimately to beat it," says Jeffrey Trent, the president of the Van Andel Institute. Story


Norwegian researchers have pinpointed a genetic basis for ADHD. Mutations that limit serotonin could put children at a higher risk. Story

A scientific team has discovered 180 different gene regions that help determine a person's height and 100 of them are brand new. The work helps illustrate just how complex genetics can be. Report

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine won $4 million to develop genetic strategy to combat tuberculosis. Release

And Finally... University at Buffalo biophysicists who are testing a protein found in tarantula venom as a potential therapy for muscular dystrophy have received foundation support for their work. Release