Stress leads to breast cancer metastasis; First-ever gene therapy drug on cusp of EU approval;


> Preclinical genetic data supports testing IDO inhibitors to treat primary and metastatic lung tumors. Story

> Stress can trigger the spread of breast cancer to the bone, researchers at Vanderbilt Center for Bone Biology determined in a recent mouse study. Blog

Stem Cells

> Researchers used a special protein to modify stem cells taken from patients. Those cells, in turn, were used to rejuvenate damaged and older heart cells taken from elderly heart failure patients. Item

>  StemCells stock is soaring in the face of news for positive results for its Alzheimer's drug. The company previously released preclinical data suggesting that human neural stem cells could help restore memory for Alzheimer's patients. Story


> The European Medicines Agency is recommending approval of a gene therapy to treat lipoprotein lipase deficiency. If approved it would be the first regulatory sign-off in the Western world for a gene therapy drug. Story

> Researchers at the University of Exeter in the U.K. and Boston University School of Medicine have identified genetic markers that regulate testosterone and estrogen levels in the bloodstream. Release