Stem cells told what to be or not to be; Cancer researchers wild about saffron;

Stem Cells

> Stem cells do not yet know what they will become. They're as indecisive as Hamlet. So, researchers are working on teaching them what they want to be or not to be. Release

> lincRNA (large intergenic noncoding RNAs) play a role in the function of embryonic stem cells. Learn how to control lincRNAs, and getting embryonic stem cells to differentiate might become an easier job. Article

> Leukemia stem cells--a kind of rare cell with stem cell properties that can be found in acute myeloid leukemia--are better at predicting clinical outcome than other cells. Release

Cancer Research

> Cancer researchers are just wild about saffron. Story

> Yale University researchers will study biomarkers for breast cancer in Hispanic women. More here

> Diabetes drug metformin can also starve cancer cells. Story


> Uterine leiomyomas, or fibroids, are the most common medical reason for hysterectomy. Scientists in Helsinki are a step closer to understanding fibroids by determining the sequence of all the more than 20,000 human genes, in a series of 18 tumors. The study revealed mutations in a gene called MED12 in as many as 70% of the studied tumors. Scientists hope it is a first step in coming up with targeted therapies to fight fibroids. Release

> Add genetically modified cells to a bone marrow transplantation and perhaps prolong the period of cancer-free survival, according to a study conducted by a University of Kentucky researcher. Story

> io9 presents its list of 10 new genetic discoveries, and the diseases they could treat. Item