Stem cells repair cardiac damage; Cancer researchers recognized for their work;

Stem Cell Research

USA Today reviews a slate of new studies aimed at stripping the risk of cancer from iPS cells. Report

New research indicates that glioblastoma may originate in neural stem cells in the brain's subventricular zone. Story

University at Buffalo researchers have demonstrated for the first time that injecting adult bone marrow stem cells into skeletal muscle can repair cardiac tissue, reversing heart failure. Report

Cancer Research

Ohio State's Clara Bloomfield was one of several cancer researchers recognized at last weekend's ASCO meeting for their work on personalizing cancer therapies. Report

Two University of Michigan cancer researchers were among the 18 scientists to win $18 million in grant money from Stand Up to Cancer. Story

Researchers say that training immune cells to fight melanoma has proven effective in combating the disease. Report

Researchers have identified gene mutations linked to testicular cancer. "These variants are the first striking genetic risk factors found for this disease to date," Dr. Katherine L. Nathanson, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Report


The International Serious Adverse Events Consortium has announced initial results from its research designed to discover genetic markers that may predict individuals at risk for serious drug induced liver injury. Release

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers have identified a gene that may play a key role in regulating tumor progression in neuroblastoma, a form of cancer usually found in young children. Report

And Finally... By using ultrafast laser pulses to slice off pieces of chromosomes and observe how the chromosomes behave, biomedical engineers at the University of Michigan have gained pivotal insights into mitosis, the process of cell division. Release