Stem cell scientists complain about funding confusion; Sequencing focus shifts from common mutations to individual triggers;

Stem Cell Research

The Obama administration's new guidelines on stem cell research has only added considerable uncertainty in the field as researchers wait to see which lines can be supported by federal funding. Report

In The Pipeline's Derek Lowe reviews charges by some stem cell researchers that scientific journals are playing favorites when it comes to who they choose to publish. Report

New stem cell research has illuminated the potential of a new generation of tissue-engineered vascular grafts which could improve the success rate of surgery for peripheral arterial disease. Release

Genetic Research

Two new sequencing projects underscore a tidal shift underway in genomics research. Instead of looking for common disease mutations, the hunt is likely to focus on the individual's genetic triggers to a disease. Report

San Diego-based Illumina has sequenced the genome of actress Glenn Close, whose family has a history of mental illness. She took advantage of the $48,000 service in the hope that it would help de-stigmatize the disease and help efforts to find a cure for these ailments. Close's husband is a biotech entrepreneur. Story

A team of scientists from around the globe has identified genes that increase the risk of ulcerative colitis. Report

Cancer Research

The U.S. has invested more than $100 billion on the war on cancer since Nixon first declared it in 1917, says an editorial in JAMA. And since 1990, spending on cancer therapies more than doubled to $90 billion as the death rate slid 16 percent. Report