Start-up to offer genome sequencing at bargain rate

After operating in stealth mode for more than two years, Complete Genomics took the wraps off on Monday, announcing plans to offer complete human genome sequencing at the bargain basement rate of $5,000 by the second quarter of 2009. CEO Clifford Reid said that Complete Genome will be the first company that can complete full sequencing for less than $1,000 in material costs.

"For the past two and a half years, Complete Genomics has been reinventing the process of DNA sequencing based on pioneering technology invented by its founders and refined by a team of 100 employees with expertise in DNA engineering, molecular biology, instrumentation, semiconductors and high-performance computing," the company said.

The company is planning to open 10 centers over the next five years able to sequence one million genomes. In recent years a number of companies have been engaged in a race to sequence a complete genome for a price in the low four figures.

- see Complete Genomics' release
- read the report from the San Jose Business Journal

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