Sprite plays role in anticancer drug; An 'altruism gene?'

Cancer Research

> Sprite--yes, the popular lemon-lime soft drink--might play an unexpected role in improving the effectiveness of an oral anticancer drug. Report

> Testosterone 'affects prostate cancer risk.' Item

> Verastem, a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing drugs to treat cancer by targeting cancer stem cells, today announced the closing of a $16 million Series A financing. Story


> A study suggests that the infamous mutation that causes cystic fibrosis--in a gene called CFTR--is a double whammy, affecting the flow of two different ions that are important to keep the mucus on the surfaces of the airways hydrated. Clarifying this link between the genetic defect and the thick sticky mucus in cystic fibrosis lungs could help researchers develop better therapies. Release

> Researchers in Bonn find an 'altruism gene,' yet some have their 'skepticism gene' activated.

> Back to the genetic future: Genetic tests cannot replace simply asking about family history. Story

Stem Cells

> StemCells hopes to start Swiss spinal cord study. Report

> A smart use for wisdom teeth: Making stem cells. Story

> Stem cells turned injured rodents into mighty mice. Item