Some stem cells might fuel cancer; Blame fainting (in part) on genetics;


> Do stem cells fuel cancer? Three new studies seem to support the idea, with details published in the journals Nature and Science. Story

> Karyopharm Therapeutics says it has generated encouraging preclinical results with nuclear export inhibitors in acute myeloblastic leukemia. Release

Stem cell research

> Researchers may have figured out why it is so hard to generate stable lines of induced pluripotent stem cells. Story

> A once-unknown type of stem cell appears to be the basic cause of clogged arteries, researchers from the University of California-Berkeley believe. Blog


> Fainting is caused, in part, by a genetic predisposition to the condition, scientists at the University of Melbourne in Australia have determined. Item

> Body tremors may have a genetic cause, researchers from Montreal University and their colleagues believe. Item

And Finally… Bristol-Myers Squibb and Prosetta Antiviral have inked a multiyear drug discovery and development deal initially targeting the AIDS virus. They'll focus on compounds that block assembly of a viral capsid, or the protein shell of a virus. Story