Evotec will leverage its iPSC know-how with stem cell-based disease modeling to discover novel drugs for retinal diseases.

Doctors in Paris discovered that when they treated an HIV-infected lung cancer patient with Opdivo, reservoirs of the virus shrunk.

AstraZeneca is allowing U.K. scientists access to an early-stage pipeline med in the hope it can help patients with head and neck cancer.

Scientists have identified viral changes and antibody features that could provide a possible template for HIV vaccine design.

The enzyme PTK6 could be targeted to quell the growth of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, a common form of the disease.

Researchers in the U.K. tested AstraZeneca’s PARP inhibitor Lynparza and found it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and invade glioblastoma tumors.

Broad Institute scientists have created an RNA-editing method that makes reversible changes to DNA possible.

MIT scientists have devised a gene circuit that could identify cancer cells more accurately and stimulate the immune system more effectively.