Researchers at Sanofi and the NIH have published preclinical evidence showing that a three-pronged approach may prevent HIV infection in healthy people.

The past week's research news included developments in pediatric brain tumors, asthma and KRAS-mutant cancers.

Researchers at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre say they’ve discovered a way to block the replication of HIV in viral reservoirs.

Australian scientists have found a natural compound in seaweed that can halt inflammation after traumatic brain injury.

Oncolytic viruses, which have had limited success in human trials, may get a boost from a protein-inhibiting agent.

A University of Toronto team reported promising results from a trial of tiny injectable patches made from cardiac tissue.

Scientists at Yale University believe they’ve discovered how lysosomes—the "garbage disposal" units in brain cells—contribute to Alzheimer’s.

An approved diabetes drug may change the progression of Parkinson's disease rather than just treating symptoms while the disease worsens.

Feinstein Institute-led researchers used an Alzheimer’s drug to reduce inflammation in people with metabolic syndrome.