Push for translational medicine triggers shakeup

A group of academic research centers has reorganized around the NIH's $100 million program to encourage translational research, bringing scientists and clinicians together to advance therapies in clinical trials. The Scientist reports on the work of a variety of U.S. centers that are gearing up more early-stage research work into new cancer therapies. That means more support for the work to push therapies from research projects into the clinic, new facilities to manufacture experimental therapies and assistance in dealing with regulators. For drug developers, the new approach is expected to deliver a fresh set of promising experimental therapies. Wyeth, for example, reorganized its efforts around translational medicine last year. The new emphasis has significantly increased demand for research scientists experienced in translational research and spurred academic centers to offer more education on clinical trials. The NIH's goal is to have 60 centers operating in five years.

- read the article on translational research from The Scientist

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