Pine needle therapy for stomach ulcers

A prominent Russian scientist has been testing an experimental therapy for helicobacter pylori bacterium (H.pylori), the root cause of stomach ulcers, which is made from green pine needles. Professor Anatoly Zhebrun, the director of the Pasteur Institute in St. Petersburg, has supervised trials of Conifer Green Needle Complex. At a presentation in Melbourne, Professor Zhebrun said that H.Pylori was a serious health threat linked not only to stomach cancers but to a significantly increased risk of stomach cancer and atrophic gastritis. Those trials confirmed CGNC's potential as a new therapy to control the spread of H.pylori, effectively accomplishing what antibiotics couldn't do. Scientists in Australia were awarded the Nobel Prize for Science two years ago for their work demonstrating that ulcers were the result of H.pylori, rather than stress.

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