New mouse brain map available

The Allen Institute of Brain Science has completed a map of the mouse brain in minute detail. The cellular guide is being provided for free online to neuroscientists who are studying brain cancer and circuitry. Mice have a close genetic similarity to humans that make them particularly appropriate for bioresearch. This is the first completed project from the Institute, which was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Some neurosurgeons in Seattle have already begun to use the map in their work on brain cancer.

- here's the AP report on the map project

ALSO: Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have completed one of the first large-scale studies of the role of common genetic variation in Parkinson's disease. While the results fill in some missing pieces of the genetic puzzle, they are primarily of benefit as a starting point for more detailed studies. The information generated by the study is now publicly available in a database. Release

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