New approach to deafness; Breakthrough may point to new anti-cancer drug class;

Stem Cell Research

A team of researchers has successfully developed a type of ear cell that plays a crucial role in hearing--an advance that could lead to a new approach to curing deafness. Report

The UK is offering grants to researchers in Israel as a way to promote new collaborative projects involving stem cell work. Story

Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered the earliest form of human blood stem cells and deciphered the mechanism by which these embryonic stem cells replicate and grow. Release

Cancer Research

Researchers at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research have taken the first step towards developing new anti-cancer medications that could activate a gene shown to block the growth of cancerous cells. Report

The characteristics of normal cells that exist before cancer begins may ultimately dictate how virulent the disease is. Story


Research conducted under the supervision of Academy Research Fellow Iiris Hovatta have focused on genes that influence human behavior, and some of the studied genes show a statistical association with specific anxiety disorders. Release

More Research

The human immune system may well be a master regulator for the body's vast population of benign bacteria, an insight that could help eventually point the way to new therapies for ailments like obesity and inflammatory-bowel disease which can be triggered by bacterial imbalances. Article