NeoStem wins contract for new stem cell therapy; IBM, Roche tackle sequencing project

Stem Cell Research

NeoStem has won a $700,000 contract to develop a new stem cell therapy for the treatment of traumatic wounds for the U.S. Army. Report

South San Francisco-based iPierian has garnered a $22 million round to back its developing of iPS technology for drug testing. Google Ventures led the round. Article

A team at UC San Diego has found a way to limit the risk of cancer from stem cell therapies. Story

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission has named Margaret Conn Himelfarb as chairman and Bowen P. Weisheit Jr. as vice chairman. Story


New Scientist takes a look at a joint venture formed between IBM and Roche, which will use the nanoscopic pores in a computer chip to develop new technology that could reduce the cost of sequencing to only $100. News

Several prominent geneticists have attacked a new study on the genetics of aging, pointing to a number of weaknesses and challenging its publication in a scientific journal. Report

BioWorld columnist Karl Thiel takes another look at the 10-year anniversary of the presentation of the first rough draft of the human genome. While it may not have lived up to its original promise, he concludes, sequencing has been a very worthwhile breakthrough. Column

Brigham and Women's Hospital will begin taking gene samples from its patients as part of an in-depth study on the influence genetics has on disease. Report

Cancer Research

The use of nanoparticles promises to eventually revolutionize the field of cancer treatments. Story

The survival rates of people with the most common forms of cancer have doubled in the UK. Article