NCI pushes ahead with $250M R&D complex

The National Cancer Institute has taken a significant step forward in its construction of its sprawling new Advanced Technology Research Facility in Frederick, VA. Phase I construction is nearing completion, putting the agency that much closer to finishing its sprawling, 330,000-square-foot facility--designed to bring together industry, academic and government biomedical researchers to collaborate on new oncology therapies and diagnostics.

Back in 2008, NCI Director Dr. John E. Niederhuber described the project as a "cancer research campus where private sector research and development programs can co-locate with other extramural institutions and join forces with federal labs to understand cancer and develop interventions that will prevent, diagnosis, and treat the disease." 

When it's done in 2012, the 65-acre R&D complex will house 570 employees, with 200 of those workers newly hired. And the Frederick News Post reports that the government is already blueprinting a 100,000-square foot expansion.

- here's the story from the Frederick News Post

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